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Our Mission

To prevent and mitigate crisis for animals, their owners, and our community by:

Proactively working to address over population

Providing education and support for responsible pet ownership

Fostering and adoption of at risk animal

Keeping animals with their families and out of shelters and rescues


Doesn't matter whether it's a cat, dog, or small animal -- your best friend is waiting for you! Click on the button to see their face.

Pets For Life

We are very excited to announce our new program Pets For Life (PFL)!

PFL is a program designed to help keep the animals of Planeview in good homes, out of shelters, and when available, give their owners access to FREE pet resources!  We believe that by offering these resources and spreading knowledge on responsible pet ownership, we can help bridge the gap between systemic inequality and equality for all pets related areas.

This program is currently operating in the Planeview community only.  WAAL is also the only rescue in the State of Kansas to offer the PFL program as of yet!

With PFL program, Polo was able to get a makeover. What an incredible transformation, and he’ll be so much more comfortable this summer! A giant thank you to Emily’s Dog grooming – Wichita,KS for doing such a phenomenal job!

Poor Elmo! His mama, Tina, a PFL client, called because Elmo had made a poor kitty life choice. Elmo picked a fight with a MUCH bigger cat.

Tina knew that he needed vet care for the brewing abscess but needed some help making that happen so she called our PFL Specialist, Kylee and off to the amazing team at Southside Veterinary Clinic they went.

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Here are just some of our programs.

Join Us,
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Make A Difference

Imagine a world where every animal, no matter their circumstances, could find safety, love, and care. It’s a world we all dream of, and together, we can make it a reality.  By donating your money, time or talents to WAAL, you can be the catalyst for change, offering hope and compassion to those who cannot speak for themselves. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of these innocent beings. Each time you give your time, talents or money, no matter the size, is a step towards creating a world where animals are cherished and protected. Together, we can be their voice and bring them closer to a future filled with happiness and well-being.