Animal Rehoming

  1. Are you considering rehoming due to behavioral issues? If so, consider this training assistance first!
  2. Did you originally adopt this pet through WAAL? If so, please skip #3 as your adoption contract states that you must contact WAAL prior to a rehome. Please fill out the form below to do so.
  3. Please try listing your pet(s) on these websites first, if #1 and #2 do not apply: (dogs)

They will help you in building a profile, teach you how to review applications and conduct a safe meeting with potential new owners. This is a really great way to save your pet the stress of moving houses and you get to pick who he/she goes to.

If you list your pet(s) and have not found a new home after at least one week, then fill out the below form to be considered for placement:

*All our animals in are kept in foster homes. Please keep in mind we cannot take animals into care if we do not have an open foster. We are also unable to safely house dog-aggressive dogs.