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Thank you for fighting pet overpopulation by getting this pet fixed!
Our voucher program has recently changed. Due to the rising expense of no-show fees, vouchers no longer cover 100% of the surgery.
Dog vouchers are given for large breeds only (50 pounds and up or puppies that will grow to be 50 pounds or up) and cost $40 per dog. Cat vouchers are given for males & females and cost $20 per cat. Puppies and kittens must be 8 weeks of age and at least 2 pounds to qualify. However, the voucher does now include a microchip and rabies vaccine (if age appropriate).
This program is designated for Sedgwick County residents only. Limit 2 Vouchers per household.
**Please note that voucher copays are non-refundable if appointments are cancelled without just cause and will be used towards other community assistance programs within our organization. We reserve the right to determine if a refund will be issued or not. **
If you’d like to help us end pet euthanasia, you can donate to the
Spay it Forward program here.