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The Spay It Forward program is temporarily suspended due to limited veterinarian availability. 

Spay It Forward with WAAL

Spay or neuter is a surgical procedure for pets with many health benefits:

Reduces chance of cancer in pets
Reduces male cats’ urge to spray
Eliminates annoying habits of female cats in heat
Sterilized animals generally have longer lifespans

Our mission at WAAL is to rescue animals in crisis and this includes preventing crisis beforehand! Spay It Forward is a voucher program to help owners fix their pet(s). We prevent unwanted litters and work towards ending unnecessary euthanasia by combating the source; overpopulation.

Please keep in mind, per city rules, all pit bulls in the city limits of Wichita are required to be sterilized by five months old. If you are trying to provide for feral cats, TNR vouchers are available! Vouchers only cover the cost of sterilization, any elective vaccinations, testing or microchips are the owner’s responsibility.

Due to the rising expense of no-show fees, our Spay it Forward voucher program has recently changed:

Due to the rising expense of no-show fees, vouchers no longer cover 100% of the surgery. Dog vouchers are only given for male or female dogs over 50 lbs and cost $40. Cat vouchers are given for females only and cost $20, per animal. Spay it Forward is available to Sedgwick County residents only and is limited to two vouchers per household.

However, vouchers now include a microchip and rabies vaccine!

How to get a voucher:

  1. Contact us below to confirm availability
  2. If funds are available, you’ll  receive a link to prepay for your voucher
  3. Send us proof of your payment
  4. You’ll receive a date and instructions for surgery

Appointments will not be scheduled without proof of payment beforehand.


Feral Cats – Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)

TNR vouchers are available for feral cats that are not owned and they still cover the full cost of getting a feral cat (regardless of gender) fixed plus a rabies vaccination and are free. TNR vouchers do not have a scheduled appointment. These vouchers are redeemed on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday at Kansas Humane Society. There are four TNR appointments on each day, first-come, first served basis. TNR vouchers are limited to two per address. Additionally, TNR cats must be taken to the clinic in a cat trap.

If you’d like to help us end pet euthanasia, you can donate to the
Spay it Forward program here.