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The Safe Paw Alliance (SPA) Program assists owners who are facing domestic violence or veterans who need to enter rehab facilities in temporarily fostering their animals, through no cost to them.

This program is a partnership with Harbor House, Wichita Family Crisis Center, Midwest Battle Buddies and the Robert J. Dole VA Hospital. Veterinary care is being provided by Indian Hills Animal Clinic.

This program is available to any person receiving services from the above mentioned partners.  If you need boarding for your pet while you are receiving services, please ask your program contact and they will contact us. For safety and anonymity reasons we do not have direct contact with owners.

Your identity will always be anonymous.

You will not pay anything for your pet while you’re receiving services.

Your pet will always be safe.

You will always be reunited with your pet.


If you would like to donate to this program please do so here. 

Program Partner Contacts

Harbor House | Catholic Charities


Wichita Family Crisis Center


Home Page

Robert J. Dole VA Hospital

316-685-2221 ext 58094

Midwest Battle Buddies