WAAL Frequently Asked Questions

An animal needs help…

I found a stray dog/cat but don’t want to take it to the shelter. Can you take it?

Unfortunately, the state does not allow us to take in stray animals. It is against the rules of our state rescue license.

If you found a stray dog: Stray dogs should go to Animal Control to give their owners a chance to reclaim them. Animal Control is where all owners are directed to look for a missing pet.  If an owner does not reclaim them within three days, we can take them into care if we have a foster. You can send us an animal ID number and we can keep an eye on that animal.

If you found a stray cat: Cats are 13x more likely to find their way back home if they aren’t interfered with. Keep in mind, if it is fat and friendly, someone made them that way. On the flip side, 97% of the stray cats taken to animal control will NOT be reclaimed. So it is overwhelmingly more beneficial for them to be left where they are IF they are healthy and capable of doing their cat things.

If this cat is over 6 months, a good weight and appears healthy my suggestion is to leave him/her where he/she is. Cats are adaptable and resourceful creatures who have been surviving outside without us for thousands of years. If you’re still concerned you can Google DIY outdoor cat houses.

Of course, if he/she is still around in a few weeks we’ll be happy to fix and vaccinate them for you. If it is NOT a healthy weight, sick, appears pregnant or otherwise needs assistance, let us know.

My neighbor’s dog is on a chain all the time, and it’s just so sad! What should I do?

There is a chaining ordinance within the city of Wichita. Dogs may only be on a chain for one hour at a time, with a three-hour break, up to four hours a day. If you think someone is neglecting their pet and you are not comfortable approaching them about it, we’d be happy to help. Send us a message. Please include detailed information in your email, including the exact address, descriptions of the animal(s) involved, photos if you have them, and your contact information including a phone number.

I found an injured rabbit, hawk, skunk, etc. Can you take it?

We are not licensed to take in wildlife. Check this resource page for the animal in need.

There are too many stray cats in my neighborhood. Can you come pick them up and find them new homes?

Feral cats do not do well when they are moved out of their colony. Because of this, we do not relocate feral colonies but we can help keep the population from exploding by providing Spay It Forward vouchers. Please fill out an application or contact Friends of Felines for help.

There’s an injured animal in my neighborhood. Will you come pick it up and take it to animal control?

Because we are a volunteer-powered organization we do not have the manpower to do animal pick-ups. Please call your local animal control and request to have an officer come pick the animal.

I need help…

I can no longer keep my pet. Can you take it and find it a good home?

  1. Are you considering rehoming due to behavioral issues? If so, consider this training assistance first!
  2. Did you originally adopt this pet through WAAL? If so, please skip #3 as your adoption contract states that you must contact WAAL prior to a rehome. Please fill out the rehoming application to do so.
  3. Please try listing your pet(s) on these websites first, if #1 and #2 do not apply:

• https://rehome.adoptapet.com/r/91376

• https://rehomeyourpets.com/

• https://www.howimetmydog.com/resources/rehomer-guide (dogs)

They will help you in building a profile, teach you how to review applications and conduct a safe meeting with potential new owners. This is a really great way to save your pet the stress of moving houses and you get to pick who he/she goes to.

Because we do not operate a brick-and-mortar building we must have an open foster home to take in any animal. Keep in mind that because our foster homes all have animals of their own, we cannot safely take in aggressive animals. If you can keep fostering your pet while we place it for adoption we’d be happy to help! If you cannot foster your animal, we will look at options to help but sometimes finding an open foster can take 1-2 weeks. If you have listed your animal on the above websites and have not found a home after one week, please fill out the rehoming application.

I’m in need of temporary foster care for my pet while I’m between homes. Can you take them?

Unfortunately, we struggle to find enough foster homes and do not have the resources to provide temporary housing. There are several great boarding facilities we could recommend, or if you are a victim of domestic violence and need help with your animal while you find safe housing, please contact Wichita Animal Services at 316-350-3360, and inquire about their free respite care.

My pet needs to be seen by a vet but I can’t afford it. Do you help owners with vet bills?

We have very limited resources to help owners with vet bills. We consider every request on a case by case basis, so please fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.

I need some temporary help with pet food and/or litter. Do you guys offer assistance with this?

Yes, we do! We are happy to provide food as our resources allow. Please contact us and we’ll assess your request. You can also find more information on community pet food banks here.

How can I help?

I saw an animal on a website that I’m interest in adopting. Is he/she still available?

Check our real-time listings of available animals here.  If you have something particular in mind with breed or gender, fill out a Pet Alert request to be notified immediately if we get that kind of pet into care.

I’d like to get involved and become a volunteer. What do I need to do?

Wonderful! We desperately need people like you. Please fill out an application on our website!

I have something I’d like to donate (food, leashes, bowls, etc.). Do you take stuff like this?

Our storage space is very limited and because of this we can only accept new or very gently used items. Please contact us and let us know what it is and we’ll see if we can put it to good use! You can also find more information on donating here.

I want to make a donation. Where do I do that?

  • If you’d like to make a one-time donation with your credit/debit card, or bank account, you can do that here.
  • If you would like to help us save even more lives and set up a recurring monthly donation, you can find that here.
  • You can also mail donations to us at WAAL Rescue, PO Box 21401, Wichita, KS 67208.

I want to make an in-kind donation. What kind of stuff do you need?

  • Gift cards to pet stores are fantastic! These are easy to store and lets us buy things as we need them without the risk of them expiring before we use them.
  • We accept donations for use both for our animals in foster care and for our four community pet food banks. We accept donations of all brands of dog and cat food, both dry and canned. Thank you for your support! See more details on donations here.

We do not feed or accept rawhides or bully-stick type items for the safety of our pets. Antlers, Kongs and hooves are great alternatives!