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Welfare Checks

“Well my neighbor’s dog is outside a lot…”
“Every day on my drive to work I see this dog on a chain…”
“There are a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood.”

Animal Control has personnel and financial constraints that prevent them from answering every call for help as quickly as you might want. That’s where we come in! We do welfare checks to help fill the city’s resource gap, benefitting the animals and their owners in our community.

If you see something, say something. As part of welfare checks we:

  • Investigate cruelty/neglect concerns
    • Chaining of dogs
    • Inadequate shelter
    • Lack of food/water for pets
  • Provide emergency rescue
    • Duck with pop-ring wrapped around her bill
    • Cat stuck in a tree
    • Rehab a starving horse
    • Baby ducklings stuck in a storm drain
  • Donate items to owners including:
    • Dog houses
    • Dog food
  • Assist with vet bills (the city shelter and owners)
  • Empower the community with vaccination and supply clinics

If you have a concern, even if you’re not sure, contact us today!

If this is a life-or-death emergency, please contact 9-1-1 first, then proceed with contacting WAAL.

All reports will remain anonymous.

Welfare Investigator