Support Us

In-Kind Donations

Thank you for wanting to support our mission of saving lives with in-kind donations! To help make your donation most effective, please keep these things in mind:

  • Gift cards are the most needed and most appreciated. These are easier to store and allow us to buy what we need when we need it.
  • We have nutritional standards for the food we feed our fosters. Use to find any food that is rated 3.5 stars or above. Common foods that we cannot use are:
    • Pedigree
    • Old Roy
    • Gravy Train
    • Luvsome
    • Beneful
    • Friskie’s
    • Pet Pride
    • Cesar’s
    • Fancy Feast
  • For safety reasons we cannot accept open food of any kind
  • We accept new leashes, collars, pet beds, etc.
  • We cannot accept towels, comforters, blankets, etc. due to storage constraints
  • Wire kennels of all sizes and in good condition are always appreciated
    • Due to storage constraints, we cannot accept plastic travel dog carriers
  • Cat carriers in good condition are always appreciated
  • Cardboard flats are always needed and appreciated
  • We always need clumping and non-clumping litter of any brand
  • For safety reasons, we cannot accept rawhides similar type chews. Kongs or antlers are great and safe alternatives!
  • Common food brands we will accept are:
    • Abound
    • Authority
    • Blue Buffalo
    • Canidae
    • Diamond
    • Earthborn
    • Go!
    • I and Love and You
    • Merrick
    • Nature’s Recipe
    • Nulo
    • Nutrisource
    • Nutro
    • Purina
    • Rachel Ray
    • Redford
    • Science Diet
    • Wellness
    • Whole Earth Farms
    • Whole Hearted

We appreciate your efforts so much! Because of your support we are able to save thousands of lives every year. We want to make your donation efforts as useful and effective as possible. You can download a printable list here.

Drop-Off: Any Saturday from 11am-3pm at our Towne West Adoption Center!