Bowie’s Second Chance

A Good Samaritan saw a strange site next to a dumpster. A dog, emaciated, locked in a kennel and thrown away like garbage, huddled in the cold with fear in his eyes.

…. That’s the sight that greeted Morgan K. Wednesday night. This dog, now named Bowie, was taken to the emergency vet where he received immediate medical care. His blood work is normal and a parvo and heartworm test are negative.

The diagnosis is purposeful, cruel, starvation.

He weighs in at just over 22#. A dog of his breed/age should be closer to 40-50#. Originally we thought he was a puppy from his size, but his teeth show he’s probably closer to two-years-old. He has been starved for so long his growth is permanently stunted.

Bowie hasn’t had a good life. When you move too quickly he flinches and prepares to be hit. When he has accidents on the floor he runs away and hides in terror. But the minute you sit on the floor he’s in your lap and pressing against you as hard as possible. He wants nothing but love and to please you.

We hope that Bowie will get to go to foster on Monday the 13th. He needs several days of close monitoring while his body learns to process food again. He’s battling some loose stool and dehydration so he has been on IV fluids 24/7 until he’s more stable. The biggest worry when an animal is this emaciated is refeeding them. It has to be done in tiny, slow amounts, or you risk killing them. As much as we want to feed them as much as they want, it can be very dangerous.

We anticipate he will be ready for adoption in 4-6 months after he has put on weight, been neutered, vaccinated, etc. We already have so many people who want to help, donate, foster, adopt and support him in his recovery and we’re so thankful.

So, how can you help?

1) Share his story on social media to find who is responsible. Someone, somewhere, knows something. We are working with WPD to obtain video surveillance and bring to justice the two people who threw him away.

2) Donate to his care. It will be several months of repeat blood work, medication and visits to ensure his organs are functioning and he is thriving.

3) Be loud against animal abuse with a Bowie tee! Buy here.

4) Send a care package from our Amazon wishlist, specifically for Bowie and his needs over the next couple of months. Shop here.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and videos. His fight, and story, aren’t over yet.