Happy Holidays from our WAAL family to yours! 

The end of the year can bring joy, happiness, quality time with family and friends, and a time to reflect on those blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Your WAAL family truly hopes that this holiday season brings all of those things to your household and more!

This holiday season will continue to be busy for us as well, but for different reasons:
Our welfare team will be out in the field offering doghouses and straw to homes where dogs are not allowed indoors in order to prevent them from freezing to death.
We will be offering low-cost to free spay/neuter services for families who simply can’t afford this life-saving procedure so that thousands of puppies and kittens don’t end up in shelters in 2023.
We will be delivering pet food to low-income seniors who receive Meals on Wheels and delivering thousands of pounds of pet food to our six community pet food bank partners so that pets will have food to make it through the end of the year.
Our volunteers will be on call to transport pets belonging to domestic violence victims fleeing their abusers or veterans in need of inpatient hospitalization to respite fosters so that these families can be reunited after a significant crisis.

Our WAAL volunteers will give up valuable time with their families to ensure that pets and their families can stay together during times of crisis or during hard economic times. They will miss out on family get-togethers to provide critical resources to animals who have no one else to rely on and may die without our help. Our WAAL Warriors will continue to stand between life and death for animals in need in the Wichita area, but we need your help…

YOU have the opportunity to save lives today. You can make a difference in the lives of so many. You can keep families together and prevent or alleviate the suffering of animals who have no one to heed their silent calls for help.

Wondering how your donation can make an impact?
 $15 would allow a puppy or kitten to receive a lifesaving vaccine
$25 would pay for a bag of pet food for either a foster animal or a family who is struggling due to the hard economic times

$50 would pay for five pets to be microchipped so that they could be reunited with their families if they become lost

$100 would pay for one spay/neuter for a cat belonging to a low-income owner 
$250 would pay for one spay/neuter on a large breed dog in our community
$500 would pay for boarding for two weeks for one of our SPA animals so that their owners can escape domestic violence

$750 would pay for lifesaving emergency medical treatment for one dog or cat 

$1000 would pay for lifesaving parvo treatment for one critically ill puppy 
$2500 would pay for enough pet food to supply our community pet food bank partners for one month
$5000 would pay for an entire Spay Day which would allow us to spay/neuter 50 animals in a single day! 

From our WAAL family to yours, thank you and happy holidays!  

Questions? Please email [email protected]