Support Us

We ended 2018 and surpassed every goal, expectation and wildest-dream we could come up with. With your support, we saved 699 animals from crisis and over 655 of those found new homes! Some of the major cases are pictured here, and without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to save their lives. These sweet souls faced purposeful abuse or neglect, deadly parvo or harmful accidents and your support gave them a comfy place to call home while they waited for a second chance.

For every dog or cat we take in, our expenses add up quickly. Food, litter spay/neuter surgery, heartworm and flea prevention, and more costs us tens of thousands of dollars a year. Can we count on you to support our efforts with a donation to our annual fund? 

When you support our annual fund, your donation ensures we are able to respond to crisis. Oftentimes, minutes will make the difference between life and death for these animals and being financially prepared to respond to crisis allows us to act quickly.  

We recently celebrated our fifth birthday and the need for our services has only grown in that time. Every year we are asked to save more puppies with parvo, place more kittens that need bottle-fed, and fund the rehabilitation of more animals facing death because of high vet bills. Saying no to these faces isn’t an option; please help us say “yes.” Yes, to saving lives and making a difference. 

Thank you for your previous support of us, our mission and the animals that depend on us. I hope we can count on your continued support, with a donation to the annual fund. 


Checks can be made payable to Wichita Animal Action League and mailed to PO Box 21401, Wichita KS, 67208.