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Welcome to my fan club! First, let me introduce myself. I’m Bowie.

I’m an American Bully that was starved nearly-to-death and thrown away in the trash. When WAAL found me I weighed just 21 pounds and after months of rehabilitation, I am now 50#!

It was a long, hard road for me. I had muscle atrophy, dehydration, diarrhea, lethargy, and allergies. I was adopted by a wonderful family that is making up for all that abuse. You can follow my story on my Facebook page here. I’ll post updates on my life (with tons of cute photos & videos), new Bowie apparel items when they launch, and of course updates on the case for justice against my abuser.

My fan club is to raise awareness for abused and neglected animals all over Wichita (and the country), like me. That’s why you need to Be Loud! Be Loud for Bowie, against animal abuse, and for abuser punishment reform.

All memberships to my fan club help Wichita Animal Action League rescue animals in my honor. There are so many more like me out there, waiting for their second chances. I hope you’ll join us in the Be Loud movement.

Included with your membership:

The artist who made my painting is Basak Notz and you can see more of her beautiful work here: